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Bolfracks Estate Prime fat cattle are a cross on Simmental and Limousin cattle

 This has found to produce excellent Prime Fat Cattle for the market. They are fattened up inside, where they are kept out of the winter storms and graze freely during the summer months.

In organic animal husbandry the health and well being of animals is a central. They must have a high-quality life, space and freedom. The cows and calves run in small groups even with a bull in summer, calving March to May. Bolfracks work in line with strict organic regulations set down by SOPA (the Scottish Organic Producers Association), and they care for the animals they rear, ensuring flavour and quality. Bolfracks cattle are bred with Simmental and Limousin bulls.

The Simmental is one of the more docile and easy to manage breeds known for a long straight topline with deeply muscled back and loin.  Medium to large cattle with strong bones, bulls typically weigh 2200 to 2800 pounds at maturity.  The females have a productive lifetime of ten to twelve years and high milk production.  Simmental are spotted, occasionally with just a few white markings. The colour varies from pale gold to dark reddish brown. The head is usually white in front of the eyes with the lower parts of the legs also largely white. 

In the feed yard they have a weight gain of 2 to 3 pounds a day and excellent feed conversion with about a 63% carcass yield. They are suited to all-purpose crossing with smaller breeds.They are medium to large framed beef cattle of rectangular shape. Limousin have a long length of body and exceptional rump. Bulls are usually darker.

Limousin are deeply muscled with a relatively small head and pale horns and hooves. They have the ability to put long hair on for colder climates and short hair for warmer climates and are prolific and long lived. The birth weight of male calves is on average 86 lbs. and of female calves 79 lbs.  Limousin on feed show high daily weight gain with high carcass yield.  The combination of excellent cutability and medium size has given the Limousin its reputation for feed efficiency.  Farmers like them because they tend not to put on fat. Meat is tender and fine fibred.  Well suited to all-purpose cross breeding.  

Highland glen producer and other organic farms, buy weaned calves to grow on organically, from Bolfracks.Bolfracks organic meat can be purchased from a range of wholesale outlets.

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