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Bolfracks Upper Beat, River Tay

Entrance to the beat is next to the white gate-house on the A827 midway between Kenmore and Aberfeldy.

Access is through a large steel gate (which must be kept locked to ensure your privacy). A track extends the length of the beat and there are paths alongside much of the river. 4 wheel drive is recommended in winter and bad conditions. Fishing is from the right (south) bank.
There is ample off road parking at the Point, Millers and Shepherds pools. A track suitable only for 4 wheel drive vehicles connects the Point to Millers. Access to Pipers is best from the Shepherds parking place.


Pools on the Upper Beat on Bolfracks Estate


The ultimate pool for fishing the fly! The pool is about 35 yards across making it the perfect distance. The opposite bank (which is rarely fished) is steep and rocky, offering good shade and the water is always clear as it is fed by Loch Tay. The current comes round a bend and almost works the fly (or bait) automatically hanging it nicely. The pool is easy to wade with the water gently shelving to the deeps opposite. A corker of a pool with easy access and a fishing hut alongside.


Best fished in low to medium waters - this is the junction between the River Lyon and the River Tay. It is very wide and you need to wade out to the centre. The water is only knee deep, but fast flowing, so care and a good stick are essential. The effort is worth while. It is known to hold good fish and quite a few have been lost out of the tail so strong tackle to turn them is advised. In recent years an interesting pot has developed at the tail.

Millers Bed

Until recently this pool was ignored by anglers, but is now starting to produce fish. There is a submerged wall running down the west side, which catches many a toby. Wading is easy in the slack water on our bank. When the river is big this is a pool to make for. There is always slack water on the right hand bank offering shelter to a running fish. At the tail of the pool is a very steep bank. In days gone past you could often see ranks of fish shoaled up here for shelter from the sun.


Pipers is a fast running rocky pool. It is approached from the pool below by following a rugged path. Its a bit of a clamber, but often well worth the effort as it is perhaps the third most productive pool of the beats. Great care must be taken when wading here. Even the most experienced have been known to take a tumble here! Its rocky nature would however seem to be very attractive to fish. There are a couple of great holding spots in the belly of the pool and at the tail of the pool fish often show by an abandoned croy opposite. There is also a very interesting hole underneath the right bank, between Pipers and Shepherds. In high water this spot often produces a fish, especially on the worm.


Shepherds offers perhaps the nicest wading in low to medium water. The bed is made up of smallish gravel which makes things easy. The deeper water lies towards the opposite bank, so a good cast is most productive. There is also a large croy on the opposite bank, but with the fly rod is out of reach for most, but a heavy toby does the trick. Such a bait will often nail a fish as it swings in round underneath the right-hand bank. Otters are known to frequent these banks and in winter their slides, paw prints and spraints can be found. In the Summer months you also stand a good chance of seeing the Ospreys. They often return to their nests by Loch Tay around 7.30 in the evening.

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Upper beat

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