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Our Ghillie

Robert has been the Senior Ghillie for the Taymouth Castle and Bolfracks beats since the 1960's. Rumour has it that Bob was born with a rod in his hand. 

He looks after both the Upper Bolfracks and Lower Bolfracks Beats.

Bob is an outstanding spey caster and has great patience, so if you are learning there is no better man as many of his guests who return year after year will testify.

It is often possible to take your first salmon with Bob, as Mrs Noreen Ingles (who 
took a fine 12 lb'er from the Point last year) can prove.

Charges a mere £50/day. Tips always welcome! 

Bob can be contacted either at home or through the office below:

Robert McIntyre
1 Dalerb
Tel. 01887 830445
Mobile 07761 264470