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Bolfracks Lower Beat, River Tay

The Lower Beat extends for almost two miles of the River Tay close to the town of Aberfeldy. 

It follows the A827 quite closely, but since the river is below the level of the road and screened by mature trees, you can be unaware that the road is there.

Proximity of the road does make access much easier. There are three good parking places (The layby at Dalrawer, off road car park at Bolfracks House and an off road park at Home Farm). Care should be taken not to block farm gates.


Pools on the Lower Beat on Bolfracks Estate 


Neils is another pool often overlooked by the regulars. To be fair it is not the easiest pool to fish the fly, which many prefer. Here the banks are steep and wooded. Wading is possible in low water. Otherwise it is best to stand on the croy and fish with worm and spinner. 

Dalrawer Island

Dalrawer Island is a pool may make a bee line for. There is a lay-by for easy parking. Access is down a steep bank and across a burn so care must be exercised. Except in really big waters it is possible to get out to the island. In construct it is similar to the Point - gently shelving to deeps opposite. Again the fly works itself nicely. In low water one can wade a long way. A good spot is at the base of the fence on the opposite bank towards the tail. In high water fish the tail of the pool. Even in high water one can wade out to the "stump", retracing one's steps when finished.

Bolfracks House

There used to be a boat on Bolfracks House, and for many years is was not fished at all. Until a few years ago this was impossible as there was too much undergrowth, but the efforts of the Ghillie Bob McIntyre Have opened up some interesting fishing. A couple of years ago the regulars has a go in the last few days of the season and were immediately rewarded with fish. The pool is deep and full of rocks and the right hand bank has a deep trench. Wading is not recommended. This is spinner and bait territory and make sure you have a long handled landing net.


There is a good parking space at the entrance to the fields. The gate is often locked so day ticket holders should obtain a key. The Haugh is a huge pool in both length and breadth. Wading should be done cautiously as there are quite a lot of interesting hollows, runs and riffles. The tail of the pool is perhaps the most productive, but don't be tempted to go beyond the metal beat marker as the next pool "Farleyer" does not belong to the estate.

Home Farm

Below Farleyer the Bolfracks Estate fishings finish with the Home Farm Pool. There is easy parking in the lay-by, but do not block the farm entrance. This is a surprisingly deep pool, it is know for its big fish and was the scene of the capture and release of a 28 lber by Mark Bowler 2 years ago. Both the fly and the spinner work well. Indeed for the fly a cast is hardly necessary. A long rod makes it possible to fish almost on the dangle! The pool is very long and the fishings extend right to the head of the island. In low water the tail offers some good grilse fishing by wading, but in high water a spinner from the bank is the order of the day.

Salmon Fishing Booking & Prices

Upper beat

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Lower Beat

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